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I'm just really sad whilst trying to make everyone else happy.

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Do you ever look at someone and just think, “… they’ve had sex … “

You do not know the meaning of life until you’ve eaten a perfectly cooked chicken nugget.

What if we could go back to the day we were born, when we had no idea of the life ahead of us. Before we made any memories. Before we had our hearts broken. Before we fell into deep depression. Before we made any friends. Before all of that, what if we could go back in time and take a totally different path in life? If we knew then what we know now how different our lives would be? Or would they be any different at all…?

One of the saddest things about depression is that some of us never get to see the light at the end of the tunnel until we’re dying.

When you meet someone and become friends with them and you start to get feelings for them and there’s nothing you can do about it and you just fall really hard for them… hate that shit.

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If we told someone how we actually felt and what we actually thought, I wonder how many of us would still be aloud to walk the streets as free people?

Standing in front of a mirror, staring at yourself trying not to break down and cry because only you know how sad you really are on the inside.

I never thought that one person could cause someone so much pain and suffering that they would rather die than continue living.